Video| Bourbon dippin’ & tastin’ tips Maker’s Mark Kentucky

Experiencing Maker’s Mark Distillery Kentucky

After an incredible tour of my favourite Kentucky bourbon there was no better way to finish things off then dipping my own bottle of Maker’s.  Since every bottle of Maker’s Mark bourbon is hand dipped to give it the signature red wax top, I figured it wouldn’t be right to head back to Canada without one.

On our tour I met Mindy, our stellar tour guide, who took me through the dipping process before I tried it out for myself.  Not only did dipping give me appreciation for the skill and precision it takes employees to do this, it made my experience at Maker’s Mark unique and gave me a great story behind the bottle I brought home with me.

Once you’re bottles been dipped and it’s home you’re probably going to want to taste it so here’s a little advice to give you a full experience.

How to taste bourbon


Instead of breathing in through your nose use your mouth.  This will take away the strong alchohol scent and allow you to smell the nuances in the bourbon

Taking your first sip

1. Make sure the bourbon touches your whole tongue so you can truly appreciate the full flavour of the spirit
2. Wait three second
3. Swallow
4. Wait two seconds
5. Breathe in slowly
6. Repeat

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