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Huairou Beijing – CN Overlooking Mutanyu the restored section from East Jiankou on Great Wall of China (Ian YacobucciBorderless Travels)

Hiking the Great Wall of China

Winter is the best time to visit the Great Wall of China, and hiking from the wild and untouched Jiankou section to the restored tourist hot spot of Mutanyu is by far the best way to see the of the Great Wall.  If you want to photograph a great image of the Great Wall of China, hiking Jiankou is the best way to get it

As you can see there aren’t many tourists in the winter, especially during Christmas, but the best part of visiting at this time is the visibilty and temperatures.  Winter weather keeps you cool on a long hike, if you catch a clear day with low pollution you can see kilometers into the distance, and even busy sections of the Great Wall are relatively free.

I snapped this shot as we were decending from Jiankou along Mutanyu.  Here the restored section spans a few kilometers.  It’s hard to spot the few tourists along the brick road from up here as the Great Wall that snakes through the mountains.

What I used: Nikon D300S, f\18, 1\250 sec., ISO – 200

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