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Borderless Travels offers a wide variety of advertising opportunities. If you’re a travel related business interested in sharing your product or service with a travel community than this is the best place to do it. Designed to inform and inspire readers Borderless Travels is a travel blog built for anyone who’s ever dreamt of traveling. This site offers travel tips, personal travel stories, travel photos, reviews, guides, interviews, guest posts and so much more.

More than just a blog Borderless Travels is a community with a wide readership including travel enthusiasts, backpackers, long-term travelers, adventure travelers, professionals, students, and everyday people who are interested in traveling or starting a travel lifestyle. Read more about Borderless Travels here.


Designed to inform fellow travelers Borderless Travels is open to reviewing travel related products/gear, hotels, hostels, restaurants and activities, especially if we’re heading your way. Often with a budget travelers bankroll in mind we’re conscious of recommending products and services that are affordable and relevant to as many people as possible.


The goal of Borderless Travels is to share our wonderful world and the joys of traveling with as many people as possible. Working with tourism boards and travel companies is something we’re always excited to do. Press trips and partnership opportunities present a great opportunity for you to share your brand with an active online community with a strong social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. Not only that, we’re also interested in any other projects you might have on the go.

As travel writers, videographers, and photographers with experience in television, both in front of and behind the camera, we’re always open to collaborating and working on new initiatives. If you would like to discuss press trips, partnership opportunities, guest posts, freelance writing or any other opportunities please contact us at advertise(at) or fill out the form below.

To learn more about how you can benefit from advertising and partnering with Borderless Travels check out our media/press kit.


“You are so inspiring and you’re motivating me to push myself through school, so I thank you for that.”

Jessica, Canada

“Thank you for sharing your stories about your travel experiences – I have thoroughly enjoyed reading them!”

Joachim, Germany

“At the outset I must commend and thank you for having provided such an eloquent and lucid account of the course, laden with every minute detail! The narrative was indeed very useful and informative.”

Anuradha, India, Referring to HMI mountaineering articles