Video| How Santa travels around the world

Santa’s secret revealed

Discovering Santa’s secret at his office in Finlands Arctic Circle

I drove to Rovaniemi, Finland to visit with the real Santa Clause at his office at the arctic circle and discovered how Santa travels around the world.

Once at Santa’s office I learned how Santa quickly traveled around the world on Christmas.  The secret, the Earth’s Rotational Speed Regulator, which is also the reason why Santa’s village is located in the Arctic Circle, it being the only place that the Earth’s crust is sufficiently thin to allow the meddling of time.

Whaaattt!!!! It’s the Earths Rotational Speed Regulator that allows him to travel around the world in 24 hours, that’s amazing take a look to see how it works!

Learn more about searching for Santa at the Arctic Circle



Ian Yacobucci

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