How to prepare your own Moma mixture

The betel nut, sliced in quarters

The betel nut, sliced in quarters

Pick up a bag of ingredients for five pesos and follow along this step-by-step guide to roll your own Moma.

Moma is made up of natural local ingredients. It’s effects are similar to chewing tobacco and most locals in Ifugao province consume Moma on a regular basis.

How to Enjoy Moma

Step 1: Remove the husk of the betel nut by peeling from the top.





Step 2: Quarter the betel nut length wise using a sharp knife.






Step 3: Rip the vine leaf in pieces large enough to wrap each chunk of betel nut.






Step 4: Wrap the betel nut with the leaf then place it in the side of your mouth and chew until grinded. Keep it to one side just as you would with chewing tobacco.





Step 5: Add a pinch of lime by licking your finger then adding it to the chewed nut.






Step 6: Rip a small piece of tobacco, the size of your fingernail and add it to the mix.






Step 7: Chew the Moma and enjoy for 15 to 20 min. Spit when required. Don’t forget: The chemical reaction of the lime and betel nut causes red saliva. That’s how you know it’s working.




WARNINGS: 1. Do not swallow! 2. Moma spit stains (In many parts of the cities, Moma is not allowed due to the mess it leaves behind). ENJOY!

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