Vienna Hotel Review| Eco-friendly Boutique Hotel Stadthalle Vienna

Boutique Hotel Stadthalle Vienna double room

Boutique Hotel Stadthalle Vienna double room

Discover a secret oasis in the heart of Vienna. Designed to put people and the environment first, the Boutique Hotel Stadthalle Vienna combines environmental sustainability with the comfort and affordability of an inner-city boutique hotel.

After a first stay in 2013 when my sister and I were travelling across Europe we were impressed that a hotel like the Boutique Hotel Stadhalle was attacking environmental issues head on by combining a sustainable hotel model with a natural environment and natural organic foods .  Now, in 2017 it appears that this innovate sustainable business model was ahead of it’s time, and today the Boutique Hotel Stadhalle Vienna is leading the environmental charge while providing a natural oasis in the centre of Vienna.

As the world’s first city hotel with a zero energy balance (meaning they produce the same amount of energy as they use) they reduce their ecological footprint as well as yours.

Not only do they offer the comfort and style of a boutique hotel, but their environmental initiatives help to make it affordable for all travelers, and offer perks to those who travel with the environment in mind.

Boutique Hotel Stadthalle Vienna Garden

Boutique Hotel Stadthalle Vienna Garden – Vienna Austria

They do this by offering discounts on rooms to those traveling to Vienna by bike or train as well as creating a self-sustainable energy efficient hotel.

The unique design uses solar and photovoltaic panels the energy required to run the hotel. By using rain water to tend the hotel garden and lavender rooftop, and well water to flush the toilets, they minimize their water consumption and help you to help the environment too.

With beautiful rooms that combine the traditional furniture of the old 19th century building with a stylish interior modern design, offering an incredible organic breakfast with every stay, and providing people with an escape from the city in the hotel garden, you won’t even notice that you’re at a completely self-sustainable hotel.


The Boutique Hotel Stadthalle is located only a few minutes walk from Vienna’s Westbahnhof station. It literally take 15 minutes by tram or underground to get to Vienna’s museum district or the city centre making the highlights of Vienna easily accessible.

What you get

Amenities – Every room offers sleek stylish design that blends both modern and period furniture for a cozy comfortable interior. The comforts of the hotel also include televisions, satellite TV (in multiple languages), wifi, telephone services, hair dryers, and of course an apple a day (to keep the doctor away so don’t get sick while exploring Vienna).

Room – There are rooms to fit every budget, and each room offers the elegance and style of a modern boutique hotel. The rooms are comfortable and offer a range of single, double, superior or junior suites.

Those staying have a choice between rooms in the main building (the original site of a 19th century apartment building that was custom designed to create the first part of the hotel) or the passive house (the modern and stylish zero-balance environmentally sustainable part of the hotel).

Breakfast – The highlight of my time at the Boutique Hotel Stadthalle Vienna was waking up to breakfast. Accompanied by the natural surroundings of the garden courtyard visitors are offered one of the best breakfasts in Vienna.

Along with organic and fair trade coffees Hotel Stadthalle presents patrons with an organic breakfast of local produce, breads, cheeses, fresh and dried fruits, nuts, yogurt, teas, eggs, juices and much more.  Starting each day with a hearty and healthy breakfast gave us the fuel we needed for long days exploring the grandeur of Vienna.

Why you should stay

Staying at the Boutique Hotel Stadthalle Vienna is a great choice for people who want comfort, a calming natural setting in the centre of Vienna, and a lovely breakfast. Their environmental initiatives which include a zero-balance environmentally sustainable hotel that offers those who arrive by bike or train discounts are just the tip of the iceberg.

Not only is it located only a short train ride from all of Vienna’s most popular tourist sites, but the garden offers an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

If that isn’t reason enough; how about that organic breakfast?

Hotel Cost: 78 – 218 € (single, double, superior & junior suites)

5 Perks:

• Environmentally sustainable with a zero energy balance

• Minutes away from central Vienna and all major tourist sites

• Best organic/local breakfast in Vienna

• Comfortable and stylish energy efficient rooms

• Hotel garden

Boutique Hotel Stadthalle Vienna

+43 1 9824272

Hackengasse 20 – 1150 Vienna

Boutique Hotel Stadthalle Vienna Breakfast

Boutique Hotel Stadthalle Vienna breakfast – Vienna, Austria

Boutique Hotel Stadthalle Vienna Double Room 1

Boutique Hotel Stadthalle Vienna double room – Vienna Austria

Boutique Hotel Stadthalle Vienna Double Room bathroom

Boutique Hotel Stadthalle Vienna Double Room bathroom – Vienna, Austria

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