Travel Photo| Water the desert tree Mongolia

Tree of the desert, Mongolia

Tree of the desert, Mongolia

Life in the Mongolian Desert:

Sometimes you get lucky and that’s exactly what happened when I captured this image.  While descending a large rock formation in the Mini Gobi desert of Mongolia I saw this tree standing alone with the desert backdrop.  Playing around with my camera settings I used spot metering to capture a silhouette of the tree.

Traveling across the Mongolian desert its easy to see how incredible our world really is.  The vast expanse of the Mongolian outback is incredible, and the fact that nomadic people live there gives one some perspective of the world and how we live in it.  In the west we are often consumed with technology and forget to experience the natural beauty of our world.  If you do, you’ll miss opportunities like this.  More than an image this tree encapsulates why we need to get out more and stay in less.

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Ian Yacobucci

Traveling the Trans-Siberian, mountaineering the Himalayas, or teaching in Tokyo, I'm always trying something new. As a someone who's worked, studied, and traveled to 40+ countries around the world, I'm here to share my experiences so you can do the same.

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