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Skipping school for this? Lugnason Falls – Siquijor, Philippines

Skipping School in the Philippines:

No smoking pit, mall, or fast food restaurant for this kid to hang out at when skipping school.  On the tiny South Asian island of Siquijor, Philippines school isn’t a priority for every child just like in North America.  While exploring the island of Siquijor in the Philippines my friends and I found the strikingly beautiful Lugnason  Falls, and couldn’t resist taking a swim.

I mean, it’d be hard to go to school when a waterfall like this is in your neighbourhood but I think the education issues go deeper than missing class for an afternoon swim.  Regardless, I managed to snap a few pictures of this magical spot before swinging myself…Oh, and jumping off the water fall 😀

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Ian Yacobucci

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