Video|Wicked summer bobsleigh Switzerland

Kronberg summer bobsleigh in Appenzell, Switzerland

A good friend of mine sent me a video about two years ago.  In it, this guy was cruising down a summer bobsleigh track somewhere in Austria.  It looked awesome and I bookmarked the video so that one day, when I went to Austria, I could visit this wondrous place.

Turns out, a couple years later, while working in Switzerland I discovered another summer bobsleigh track.  Hanging with my buddy (on brakes) we cruised nearly full speed down the track.  This thing is freaking awesome, and if you know of one near you go check it out.  If you’re anywhere near Zurich in Switzerland than you can head to Kronberg mountain in Appenzell, Switzerland and have a wicked good time!

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Ian Yacobucci

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