Video| Randomly joined jam sesh with Artan Lili in Belgrade

Serbian rock music

Checking out a jam sesh with Belgrade’s Artan Lili  while exploring Bigz in Belgrade 

As I waked through the halls of Bigz looking for the rooftop Jazz club Čekaonica (the best place ever!) I heard some music rocking from behind one of the doors. Join me as I check out a jam session with Serbian rock group Artan Lili.

Built in the mid 1930’s this building has been transformed from the headquarters of the National Printing Institution of Yugoslavia to the hub of Belgrades art life.  As a place of art, culture, and expression Bigz showcases the social and artistic diversity of Belgrade. With hallways lined in graffiti, rooms being used as music studios, art studios, jazz clubs, night clubs and office spaces Bigz is truly a unique cultural hub in one of Eastern Europes most exciting cities.

Check out jazz club Čekaonica

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