Discover why partying is just one reason to love Bucharest, Romania

Downtown Bucharest

Piata Unirii leading up to the Peoples Palace at night in downtown Bucharest, Romania

“I could live here,” was the first thing that went through my mind when I arrived in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania. It’s the energy of the city, the old town, the people, and of course the price that make Bucharest a laid back place perfect for a traveler in need of some down time. Did I mention that most people speak English here?

After traveling through Eastern Europe for the better part of a month I used Bucharest to recharge and spend a few days in one place, something that I was looking forward too. What I ended up doing was experiencing the city, not getting very much rest, and preparing for a road trip to a few other cities.

Bucharest Romania

Piata Unirii the main street-downtown Bucharest, Romania

Partying in Old Town, Bucharest

Bucharest is a great place to go out. Luckily, my hostel was only a couple blocks away from the old city and I was able to enjoy the Bucharest nightlife. The best part about old town is the selection of restaurants, bars and night clubs. On any given night the cobbled stone streets of old town are filled with people and the only thing you have to worry about is which place to choose. Here the booze is reasonably cheap between 5-7 Lei or $ 2 USD, and most places have afternoon happy hours that are well worth the stop.

If you really want to party the best thing to do is meet up with some locals who know of hot spots that otherwise would not be found. I ended up finding a hidden gem where a couple guys opened a full on bar and nightclub in the basement of their house. Amazingly, the place was fully equipped with a DJ, dance floor, patio, and lounge area.

Old town Bucharest Romania

Old town Bucharest Romania

What to see in Bucharest

Ever wonder where the world’s 2nd largest building is located? If you guessed the Peoples Palace in Bucharest you’re right, it’s also the worlds heaviest according to a local who filled me in. Walking down the fountain lined street from Piaţa Unirii to check this place out is a nice walk, and you’ll get some great pictures when you arrive. There are also dozens of museums and a few churches worth checking out, although I spent most of my time in the old town and exploring the city on foot.

Bucharest Romania Peoples Palace

Peoples Palace Bucharest, Romania (2nd largest building in the world)

The best things about Bucharest aren’t necessarily the sites, but the livability of the city. The food and alcohol are cheap, the people are extremely friendly, most people speak English, and getting around is easy. I spent most of my time there hanging out with a couple friends, exploring the city in search of a post office to send Transnistrian cognac to Canada, experiencing the night life, and of course meeting up with fellow travel blogger Wandering Earl.


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