Travel Photo| Pro surfing Montanita, Ecuador

Professional Surf

Professional surfer in Montanita, Ecuador

Professional surf training:

Surfing is life for these professional surfers living in Montanita, Ecuador.  Preparing for a competition in Venezuela, the beach break and blustery onshore conditions were perfect for the unpredictable waves they were preparing for.

Standing on the beach their coach watched as the three pros carved through the waves like a spoon through a bowl of cream.  Standing on the beach admiring the skill that it takes to master the waves like this I had to run for my camera.

Using my 18-200mm lens I stood knee deep in the water waiting for the perfect moment.  Without the luxury of a professional lens I think this image captures the talent of a professional surfer, although it misses all the preparation, timing, and patience it takes to get to this point on the wave.

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