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Tokyo Sepia

TOKYO, JAPAN – DECEMBER 2008 – Shinjuku is one of busiest places in Tokyo. From the main train station bridges, like the one this picture is taken from, features the iconic city scape Tokyo is known for (Ian Yacobucci/Borderless Travels)

Shinjuku Tokyo:

When I first started working overseas iPhones had just come out but were too expensive for a traveler budget, DSLR camera’s were only used by professionals, and I was twenty-four and just out of university.  Armed with my Cannon Powershot I spent three months working in Tokyo, Japan.  It was an exciting time to explore photography and get to know my surroundings.

This picture was taken near the end of my first teaching stint in the city on a December walk to see the Christmas lights and do some shopping in Shinjuku.  I chose to shoot it in sepia because it encapsulates the city as a warm and joyful memory.  Spending those cold autumn and winter evenings getting lost in one of the worlds biggest cities yet feeling at home; I loved it.

Japan is still one of my favourite countries in the world and I think it’s a place everyone should visit if given the chance!

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Ian Yacobucci

Traveling the Trans-Siberian, mountaineering the Himalayas, or teaching in Tokyo, I'm always trying something new. As a someone who's worked, studied, and traveled to 40+ countries around the world, I'm here to share my experiences so you can do the same.

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