Travel Photo| Spectacular Swiss fireworks Arosa, Switzerland

Fireworks on Swiss national day - Arosa, Switzerland

Fireworks on Swiss national day – Arosa, Switzerland

Swiss celebration:

On August 1st all of Switzerland celebrates their national day.  High in the Swiss Alps I celebrated with locals in the small ski village of Arosa.

This image captures the magnificence of the up close and personal fireworks show we got to experience.

Sitting on the dock in Obersee sipping wine, this picture just doesn’t do the experience justice, but it sure is pretty.

Traditionally, Swiss enjoy Raclette then head to the mountains to sing and dance the night away.  Some of the more experienced and extreme climbers in the city take a night climb along the cliffs surrounding Arosa.

It’s incredible to watch their progress as they light flares that show the route they take.  You wouldn’t believe how extreme these guys are, but you’ll have to visit to experience it because there are some things a camera simply can’t capture.

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