5 essential ways to enjoy Brasov, Romania

Panoramic view of Brasov Romania

Panoramic view of Brasov’s old town from the top of Tampa – Brasov, Romania

Brasov is one of those cities that once you arrive you won’t want to leave. The quaint old town filled with shops and restaurants is a beautiful place that warrants visitors to stay awhile. There is also the main square, the black church, the cable car linking the old town to the top of Brasov’s surrounding hillsides, and of course plenty of cheap food and drink.

Even better is that fact that Brasov is a centralized city that provides easy access to some of Romania’s most popular tourist attractions. But before you venture out into the countryside, here are a few of my favourite things to see and do in Brasov.

Old Town

When you first arrive in Brasov, the city doesn’t look like anything special. It’s not until you get into old town that you’ll really appreciate all Brasov has to offer. Old town is beautiful and the best way to see it is by walking around the cobbled stone streets and alleyways with a camera.

Old town Brasov, Romania

Old town with Tampa hill in the background – Brasov, Romania

Main Square

In Brasov’s main square are always people enjoying the atmosphere as they indulge an ice cream or sit down for a drink and a bite to eat. The square is beautifully laid out with restaurants, café’s and bars surrounding the central church and fountain. Loosing time here is easy when you have a good book or, like my friends and I, taking in a few beers during the Euro cup.

Old Town Brasov Romania

Main square in old town Brasov, Romania

Cable car – Tampa Hill

When you arrive in Brasov you can’t miss the giant white “Brasov” sign located on the top of one of the cities surrounding hillsides. For a couple of dollars you can take a cable car to the top of Tampa hill where you’ll get a great view of the city. Once your on Tampa you can walk over to the sign and around the hill top, enjoy and ice cream at the shop, or hike back down to Brasov, the choice is yours.

Tampa Hill Brasov Romania

Friends standing on top of Tampa hill in Brasov, Romania

Black Church

The Black church is the corner stone of the cities architecture, and if you’re I Brasov you won’t miss it. As the largest church in Romania it’s important to the country and cities history. Although it’s not the most impressive sight in the area an entry ticket will only cost you a dollar and is worth a quick visit.

Black Church Brasov Romaina

Black Church in old town Brasov, Romaina

Transylvania Restaurant

Eating at the Transylvania Restaurant was the highlight of my visit to Brasov. The restaurant offered full course meals of traditional Romanian food for around 25 LEU ($10 USD). I went for the beef stew with a side of peasant potatoes, tossed with bacon and onion, and vegetables, and after months eating on traveler’s budget nothing could beat a delicious traditional Romanian dinner or the price.

Definitely worth a visit, Brasov offers a great place to relax with lots of things to see and do. Its central location will allow visitors access to some of Romania’s most impressive sights but the best part of the city is its cheap food and drinks, beautiful architecture, and laid back atmosphere.


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