Travel Photo| Sunset in Ecuador’s surf paradise Montanita

sunset montanita

Surfing the sunset in Montanita, Ecuador

Surfing into the sunset:

It doesn’t get much better than sitting in the ocean waiting to catch your next wave with this sunset on the horizon.  This particular evening I just wasn’t on top of my game and the inconsistent beach break was just pounding me with closeout waves.

I decided to call it a day and went for my camera to capture the sunset and the beauty of Montanita. Life here is slow; people wake up and surf, the day starts after 10 am, surf again in the evening then party or relax at night.

With a slow shutter speed I was able to blur the waves to capture their movement.  I wish I had a tripod for this but I think it turned out alright.  With all the surfing I’ve been doing I’m lucky to even capture this as it’s hard to take yourself away from beauty like this!

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Ian Yacobucci

Ian Yacobucci

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