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Top 5 Best Vacations a Surfer Can Take

Updated: November 22, 2015
By: Borderless Travels Team
Surfing the reef in Batukaras, Indonesia

Surfing the reef in Java, Indonesia

If you fall asleep each night and wake each morning with the passion to be out surfing, then you are in luck. The next time you go to plan a vacation, there are some spots that you can go to that will offer you a surfing holiday like nowhere else. Here are five of the best vacation spots to go for surfers.

Make These Surfing Destinations Part of Your Vacation Plans

 1. Tullan Strand – Bundoran, Ireland

Considered a great surfing destination. Famed big-wave surfing pro Richie Fitzgerald owns a shop here and runs it with his family, giving you a unique vacation to remember.

2. Mal Pais, Costa Rica

Another great surfing destination located in sunny Central America. If your tropical vacation takes you down this way, you will be sure to love the waves and the nearby attractions.  A hidden gem that used to be off the tourist track and is starting to pick up.  After a few hours bus ride from the capital city of San Juan you’ll be ready for a great surf adventure!

3. Cox Bay – Vancouver Island, Canada

If you like to surf year-round, then Cox Bay in Vancouver Island, Canada is your destination. Surfing doesn’t have to stop simply because it’s winter, you just need to be prepared with the right type of equipment.

4. Big Bay beach – Cape Town, South Africa

A great place to go for the surfing enthusiast. There are even schools around that can help you perfect your surfing skills, that will pick you up from your hotel and bring you to whatever beach has the best surfing that particular day.

5. West Java – Java, Indonesia

Don’t forget your passport for this visceral experience in the warm waters of Indonesia.  There are so many different places to visit for surf lovers that we couldn’t pick just one.  For a perfect vacation pick a starting point then just figure out stops along the coast.

Bring a surfing and weather app with you on all of these trips so you know what type of waves to expect. An accurate weather app, like Weather Bug, can help you go out and enjoy the waves at their peaks. Plus, if you have a traveling and weather app on you, then you know if bad weather is coming so you can plan an alternative activity that day!

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