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Outdoor Recreation & Weather Data: Protect Your Patrons & Employees

Updated: March 4, 2016
By: Borderless Travels Team
Canadian Winter

Beautiful pic of Canadian winter on the way to Ottawa from Toronto

Earth Networks has your business’ back when it comes to severe weather forecasts. With two decades of experience, the company boasts the world’s only collection of environmental networks that monitor lightning, greenhouse gas, and weather across six continents.

Keeping Your Facility, Workers, and Patrons Protected

Outdoor safety is so important to facilities managers. Earth Networks understands this and provides an extensive host of severe weather intelligence products and services to ensure that your resort, park, country club, or other facility always operates smoothly, even during inclement weather. Some of the ways Earth Networks helps is to:

  • Protect and inform your employees and patrons about severe weather alerts
  • Automatically clear outdoor areas when lightning approaches
  • Monitor environmental factors that can impact grounds keeping activities

Earth Networks Has Your Business’ Back

Earth Networks’ Outdoor Alerting System services outdoor facilities all over the world, offering them mitigated risks, standardized alerts, and help managing their outdoor activities. It is especially useful for those areas that are prone to severe weather as it includes a lightning monitoring system.

With more than 12,000 hyper-local weather stations all over the globe, Earth Networks’ products and services track and analyze more than 25 key atmospheric conditions. You can plan and know what is coming so you can keep your facility safe from the impacts of severe weather.

Earth Networks’ expert meteorologists are on call around the clock to provide breaking details on changing weather patterns to keep you in the know.

The outdoor safety services include outdoor alerting systems, weather station sensors, meteorological services, and SFERIC maps, which offer collaborative web-based weather visualization and alerting tools right on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Trust in Earth Networks to keep your facility safe and up and running, even during the worst weather conditions.

Thank you to Earth Networks for working with Borderless Travels to promote their services

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