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Travel photography tips for incredible photos

Updated: October 15, 2014
By: Ian Yacobucci
Sample freeze frame photo shot with an SLR camera.

Sample freeze frame photo shot with an SLR camera.

Travelling with an SLR? This travel photography guide will guarantee you come home with the best travel pics.

In today’s digital age anyone can become an expert with a digital camera. Automatic settings make it easy for any user to create great pictures. But for the traveling photographer who wants control of their camera, and come home with travel pictures that are sure to impress their friends and family, manual is the only way to go.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you capture the best travel photos. If you’re tired of letting the camera control your pictures it’s time to take action so you can capture that perfect sunset, portrait or action shot. Whether its surfing costal South Africa, taking in a sunset or trekking in the Philippines, with these simple tips you’ll be ready to capture the perfect images you’ve always wanted.

Shutter Speed and Aperture

These five tips will help you capture the images you want by controlling the aperture and shutter speed. Remember, in order to meter properly you are going to have to adjust both the aperture and shutter speed. These tips will help you get the pictures you want letting you control the shutter speed an aperture. Regarless of whether you’re using manual, shutter speed priority, or aperture priority using these presets will get the results you’ve been longing for.

Freeze action – Shutter Speed 1/500 – 1/1000

To get that perfect image surfing, cliff jumping, or cruising along a busy street on a scooter a fast shutter speed is what you need. In order to freeze an action shot try to use the above shutter speeds. Remember to adjust the aperture in order to meter correctly preventing under or over exposure. You can also use a fast shutter speed to capture a clear picture of a crashing wave or freeze frame a waterfall. With this setting your action shot options are limitless.

A misty waterfall shot in Rain mode.

A misty waterfall shot in Rain mode.

Rain – Shutter Speed 1/60

Forget rain, how about a misty waterfall or a crashing wave. If you’ve ever wondered how professionals get those flowing images of a river, waterfall or crashing wave, blurring the rushing water to create a whispy effect try using a slower shutter speed. If you want to capture water droplets falling on an object this shutter speed will do it. Have some fun practicing and see what you get.

Use the 'f-stops' to focus on your subjects.

Use the ‘f-stops’ to focus on your subjects.

Close up – f4-5.6

Wondering how to get that perfect close up shot try using the f-stops above. These settings will allow you to capture the image clearly while slightly blurring the background. The larger the f-stop or aperture the more clear the background will be.

The 'who cares' aperture is great for landscapes or architecture.

The ‘who cares’ aperture is great for landscapes or architecture.

Who cares – f8-11

To capture those landscapes or architectural gems try using a “who cares” aperture. If you’re not trying to show depth use an f-stop between 8-11 to get that group shot or mountain shot. Using a “who cares” aperture is also good to keep as a preset. After taking a picture you should always go back to your preset. Using a shutter speed of 125 and aperture of f10 you will guarantee that if you need to take a quick image your camera will be ready and you won’t be stuck fiddling around.

Show Depth – f22

If you want to show depth in your image capturing something in fore, middle and background than an aperture of f22 will do the trick.


  • Fill the Frame – Stop trying to get all that background in the picture. If you want a great image zoom in and fill the frame. Show your audience what you’re seeing don’t distract them with all the background stuff.
  • Minimize Distractions – Check your background for distractions. If you’re taking a portrait shot an there’re telephone wires in the background you’re going to take away from the person in the picture. Minimize those distractions and I’ll guarantee you’ll make that person look really good.


Metering takes practice, in order to meter properly you need to let the perfect amount of light into the camera. Adjusting your aperture and shutter speed will allow you to control this. But where do you point your camera to meter correctly. These five rules will help you meter correctly for the five most popular landscape shots.

  • Sunny – meter the sky
  • Sunrise/Sunset – meter side of the sun
  • Dusk – Meter the dusky sky
  • Costal/Lake – Meter reflection (water surface)
  • Green (forest) – expose -2/3

Depth of Field

All in focus – focus 1/3 into the picture (5ft)

If you have an old camera like me sometimes getting things into focus can be a bit of a challenge. Often I find myself flipping on the manual focus and working from there. If you’re stuck, and the automatic focus isn’t giving you what you want, try to use manual focus. I’m always taking classroom shots and the automatic focus sometimes zones in on one student and blurs the others. When trying to get everyone or everything within your image in focus concentrate on making 1/3 of the image clear or 5ft into the picture.

Have fun!


Home / Travel Talk / How technology’s changed trip planning

How technology’s changed trip planning

Updated: May 22, 2013
By: Borderless Travels Team
Photo: William Hook / Flickr / (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Photo: William Hook / Flickr / (CC BY-SA 2.0)

With more online resources than ever, it can be pretty easy to get lost in a sea of open tabs to easyJet/Deutsche Bahn/Eurolines timetables and schedules. Multi-mode search engines now bring everything together on one platform, so you don’t even need to trawl the internet to find decent travel options. GoEuro’s search tool’s been around for the last year or so, and is essentially a bit like those flight comparison websites, but also includes trains and buses in its results, along with flights.

1. Book spontaneously

Planning a trip is no longer the drawn out process it used to be. Technology opens up the possibility to travel totally on a whim. One afternoon you might just get that urge to get out and go somewhere new, so you open up your laptop, check out some last-minute train deals or get in touch with a few drivers on Carpooling.com or Blablacar, and boom, you’ve got your travel organized in a matter of minutes.

2. Compare good transport options

With more online resources than ever, it can be pretty easy to get lost in a sea of open tabs to easyJet/Deutsche Bahn/Eurolines timetables and schedules. Multi-mode search engines now bring everything together on one platform, so you don’t even need to trawl the internet to find decent travel options.

3. Stay like a local

If you really want to get under the skin of a city and experience life the way locals do, it’s so easy to connect through online communities. People are more open than ever to sharing their home and hometown with travellers. If you’re after a more personal experience, Couchsurfing’s network is now so huge that you’re guaranteed to find like-minded people and spark up some interesting conversation, while Airbnb places give you that bit more freedom to come and go as you please – and it’s such a treat to be able to whip up a hearty breakfast to set you up for a day’s exploring!

4. Craft an informed itinerary

Planning out exactly what to see and do used to be a whole task in itself – you’d often find yourself ploughing through city guides and then feeling frustrated when you fail to see each and every point of interest listed. Some services like Get Your Guide even offer tailor-made guides, and even just a quick scan of recommendation engines and forums gives you an immediate feeling of whether something is going to be up your street or not. Obviously it’s easy to be deterred by that meager 2 star rating, or swayed by that glowing review, but it gives itinerary planning a lot of direction and helps you get the most out of your trip.

Thanks to writer Evan Thomas for this post!

Home / Travel Tips / 10 reasons to travel with your iPhone

10 reasons to travel with your iPhone

Updated: March 10, 2012
By: Ian Yacobucci

Wondering whether or not you should bring your iPhone on your next trip? This handy guide will convince even the most seasoned traveler they need smartphone on the road.

Don’t leave your iPhone at home. With family and friends wondering what awesome things you’re up to, an iPhone is a great way to stay connected while you’re away. Along with dozens of useful apps and tools built right into the phone, bringing your iPhone while travelling is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Read on to find 10 good reasons why you shouldn’t leave home without your smartphone.

1. Wi-Fi

Today, it’s pretty easy to find a Wi-Fi connection no matter where you are in the world. With the iPhones’ Wi-Fi ability you’ll be able to check emails, surf the web, update apps, make phone calls, or use mobile check-in before your next flight. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to accessing the Internet on your iPhone. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and your iPhone becomes a pocket computer that makes keeping up to date while travelling easy.

2. Camera/Video

Wondering what new camera to buy? Well look no further than your iPhone. With an 8 mega-pixel camera and HD video capability, your iPhone is the only camera you need. Apps allow you to edit right on your phone and you can share your pictures and videos instantly using online applications like Facebook, right from your phone.

3. Calendar

A must have for the long term traveler, the iPhone’s built in calendar allows you to organize your important dates while updating it on all your apple devices using the iCloud. iCal lets you log everything from hotel and consular information to flight details and other important dates. Using the iCal’s reminders and notes sections will ensure you don’t miss your flight or that important date you planned and the new month long view will allow you to see everything you have planned over an entire month. With iCal keeping organized is easy and an essential tool for any traveler.

4. iMessage

Using Wi-Fi, iMessage lets you connect with all your iFriends at home. If you and your friends both have an iPhone, iMessage lets you instantly connect over any Wi-Fi feed. You can share pictures and videos or chat about the awesome trip you’re having. Easy to use and free, iMessage is a great way to keep in touch while away from home.

5. iTunes

Bring your favourite songs or videos on your next trip using the iPhone’s built in mp3 player. You can also download new songs, videos and podcasts using iTunes from anywhere in the world. With iTunes you can keep up to date on your favourite hockey podcast while you spend your days surfing and soaking up the sun in a tropical country.

6. Notes

The iPhones built-in note application allows you to do more than just log your new friends’ emails while travelling. This built in tool is a digital notebook that can do everything from keeping a journal to logging important information you might need while travelling. Addresses, banking information, new music, and movies are just a few of the notes you can make to help you keep organized while away from home.

7. Reminders

If you’re a “to do” list kind of person, then the iPhone’s Reminders tool is a great way to stay on task. Reminders lets you make lists with reminders, priority sequence, and additional notes to make sure you always know what and when you need to do things.

8. Weather

iPhones built in weather service allows you to access weather information anywhere in the world. With a Wi-Fi connection you can easily get up to date information on your next destination, making packing preparations easier.

9. Newsstand

This iPhone program allows you to download and update your newsstand while you’re away. Books, newspapers and magazines are instantly uploaded to your phone making it easy to access your favourite publications while you’re travelling.

10. Contacts

This digital address book will allow you to bring all your friends and families contact information with you on your travels. Your iPhones contact tool will allow you to make calls using Skype, keep track of friends’ emails, update your WhatsApp and stay connected while away from home.

With all these great tools iPhone makes a great travelling companion that’s extremely helpful and easy to get along with. Read our article on the Top 10 Travel Apps for more ideas on how to tap into the power of this very useful travel tool.

Home / Travel Tips / 10 best travel apps for your smartphone

10 best travel apps for your smartphone

Updated: February 26, 2012
By: Ian Yacobucci

Photo: William Hook / Flickr / (CC BY-SA 2.0)

A complete guide of the 10 best travel apps. If you’re travelling you won’t want to leave home without these.

Are you tired of wondering what travel apps to download? Well look no further, if you’re planning a weekend getaway or a trip around the world these helpful apps will make your time away a breeze. With these top ten travel apps you’ll be able to connect with friends, play games, or check updated weather and currency exchange rates from anywhere in the world. So stop wondering and start downloading to make your smartphone the ultimate travel tool.

1. Skype

Don’t leave mom and dad worrying about where you are. Call you boyfriend or girlfriend to fill them in on your exciting adventures. With Skype everyone’s a phone call away all you need to do is find a Wi-Fi connection and log in. Better yet, if you have an iPhone or smartphone with video you can try video Skype and talk live with a video feed to your family and friends at home. Skype is a free service if you connect using two computers using the Skype software. For landline and mobile calls you can top up your account and for a few cents a minute call from anywhere in the world.

2. Banking

Almost every bank has a mobile banking app. To check your savings, stay on top of bills, and transfer money between accounts a banking app is something you can’t live without. Using your banking app will help you monitor your finances and keep you up to date on all your transactions. Essential for the traveler on a budget banking apps will make sure you’re staying on target by showing you how much you have and how much you’re spending.

3. XE Currency converter

If you’re planning on visiting one or a dozen countries the XE currency converter app is a great way to keep up to date on all the exchange rates. This currency conversion app updates every time you connect via the Internet and allows you to access the rates of up to 7 currencies simultaneously. With a few taps of a finger you can easily compare the currency rates of the country you are in with your home country and those you’ve already visited. Indispensable to the modern traveller, the XE currency converter app will make sure you’ll never have to guess a price again.

4. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a multi-platform app that allows you to stay connected with family and friends via instant messaging no matter what type of phone they’re using. Connect to a WiFi network and you can instantly chat with everyone at home. If you’ve taken a few pictures or a video you want to share you can easily send it using this app. So whether you and your friends use blackberry, iPhone, or android you’ll be able to stay connected during your time away with WhatsApp.

5. Facebook

Check your news feed, upload pictures, and chat with friends while you’re away with this must-have app. If you’re on Facebook this app is sure to keep you busy on your travels. An easy way to stay updated with all the gossip at home while sharing your amazing experiences with all your friends the Facebook app makes communicating fun and easy. Plus you can make everyone jealous by easily uploading amazing pics of the places you’ve been visiting.

6. Momondo

If you’re looking for a cheap flight home, or to your next destination, Momondo is the best way to find the cheapest flights. Whether it’s Europe or South East Asia you’re sure to find the best deal with this all-in-one search app. You really don’t need to search anywhere else, just download this app, enter your dates and where you’re going, then let the app do the work. In no time you’ll be purchasing a flight to that place you’ve always wanted to visit, knowing you’re getting the best price available.

7. Tune in Radio

With thousands of radio stations from around the world you’ll be able to access your favourite radio programs from anywhere. If you’re missing that morning show you always start your day with, the daily news, or the radio station that plays your favourite jams then hop on a Wi-Fi connection and listen away as Tune in Radio broadcasts your station live. For the traveler looking to kill some time with good radio than this apps for you.

8. Drop Box

Wondering how you can access those important computer files from your home computer when you’re 5000 miles away? Dropbox allows you to share files from anywhere in the world. Simply drop the files into the Dropbox app and they are instantly shared via your online drop box account. You can even create joint folders in order to share your large files with people at home. Whether its pictures, video’s or important business, Dropbox will allow you to share and access all your important files from anywhere in the world, from any computer / smartphone / tablet that has an Internet connection. The service is free and first-time account start off with 2Gigs of cloud storage space.

9. Angry Birds

It’s easy to pass those long hours travelling by bus, train or plane. Just download the number one gaming app in the world and the hours will fly by. Angry Birds is a fun way to pass the time. With dozens of levels to challenge even the most hardcore gamer playing Angry Birds is fun for everyone and a great way to pass the time.

10. Nike + GPS

Travel can upset your regular routine and sometimes that means neglecting your health. Don’t let this happen! If you plan on keeping in shape while away from home then the Nike + GPS app is the key to keeping up your workout regimen. Even while away, running with your Nike + GPS app will allow you to crank your running tunes and track your distances no matter where you are.

If you’re looking for the right smartphone that will allow you to get the best travel apps check out the Top 10 reasons to travel with your iPhone. Armed with a good smartphone and the best travel apps you’ll spend less time trying to figure things out, and more time enjoying your trip.