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Where To Get the Best Instagram Photos in Australia

Updated: December 6, 2017
By: Borderless Travels Team


Australia -2

Vacation photos are practically a staple on Instagram. You get to take a picture of the place you visited and get to share it with the people back home in real time. Plus, it will always remind you of the feeling you had so you can use that as motivation when you get back to work. Beef up you’re your social media status by posting what your followers will be expecting.

The key to a great Instagram post is knowing what to upload. No one is going to want to see what you had for dinner or what your hotel bed looks like. They are going to be more interested in the places you will be visiting. Why? Because they aren’t there. That means that a good portion of them has probably never been to the place you’re going. That is why you should take great shots of the areas you plan to visit in Australia. Here are a few spots that are sure to look good on Instagram, with or without a filter.

Fraser Island [Queensland]

Located 250km north of Brisbane, and inscribed as a World Heritage site in 1992, the island is considered to be the largest sand island in the world. Sand isn’t the only thing you can find on Fraser Island. You can also see rainforests, eucalyptus woodland, and bodies of water like Lake Makenzie as pictured above. A vacation shot of any place in Fraser Island is sure to garner you some Instagram attention.

The Twelve Apostles [Victoria]

One way to make your vacation in Australia memorable is going for a drive along the Great Ocean Road. The Twelve Apostles is just one of the many places where you can capture great photos.    

Karijini National Park [Western Australia]


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Formerly the Hamersley Range National Park, Karijini is known as the second largest national park in Western Australia. The park is split into two parts: a northern and southern half of a natural swimming pool down the middle. Not only that, but it’s also rich with plant life that is perfect for people who like to post informative photos on Instagram for their followers.

Sydney Harbour [New South Wales]

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When tourists visit Sydney, the first thing on their itinerary is the famous Opera House. A lot of people will be taking that route, and it can seem a little generic. If you want a picture to set you apart and for better quality, then take a ferry to McMahons Point to capture a better angle of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Bay of Fires [Tasmania]


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Located on the north-eastern coast of Tasmania and extending from Binalong Bay to Eddystone Point, the Bay of Tires is best known for its white beaches, blue waters, and orange-hued granite rocks. The rocks look great on Instagram, and you can even stay here to camp with your mates. Other activities you can do here and also post on Instagram include surfing, boating, and of course, swimming.

Finding places around Australia to post on Instagram is all well and good, but don’t forget that this is social media, and it can always wait. Don’t ever let yourself get carried away trying to find the perfect Instagram shot that you forget to enjoy your time with your loved ones. It is never worth it.

But that said, you can still enjoy these places and find even more if you have a car to drive around in Australia during your stay. If you’re in the Sydney area, go to the nearest car rental in Parramatta – Sydney  and rent a vehicle, so you never have to follow anyone’s schedule or have to worry about bus schedules and taxi fares.

Home / Europe / Europe on Rails| Top 7 Scenic Train Rides in Europe

Europe on Rails| Top 7 Scenic Train Rides in Europe

Updated: September 25, 2017
By: Borderless Travels Team

Taking the Train in Europe

You’ve had your morning coffee, grabbed your bags, and you’re headed out towards the train station. You’re just super excited to get to your destination! Unfortunately, that enthusiasm usually lasts until you hear it’s an 8-hour trip. How many of you doze off on your seats and miss out on some spectacularly scenic train rides?

Many people nowadays tend to forget about that timeless saying: “it’s the journey, not the destination that counts”! No matter how cheesy it may sound, you’ll understand its true meaning after you’ve explored these amazing European landscapes – on rails with some great insider tips!

#1 West Rhine Railway, Germany

When it comes to scenic train rides in Germany, this route is best enjoyed during spring when the flowers on the trees are in bloom. Of course, if you travel here in the fall you can observe a fantastic canvas of color as the leaves lose their luscious green.

Aside from the natural landscape, take the chance to wander at the multitude of castles along the Rhine, as the train takes you from Köln to Mainz. To complete the folk tale atmosphere, make sure you drop by the Lorelei statue in St. Goarshausen as well.

Railway Station Germany Taking the Train in Europe

#2 The Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Have you heard about a little franchise called “Harry Potter”? If you weren’t somehow flung through time into the present, then you probably have. Scenic train rides through the Scottish Highlands (from Fort William to Mallaig and back, to be exact) take you through such magical places as the Glenfinnan Viaduct.

Maybe you’re not a fan of the series itself. Still, nobody can deny that the sight of Scottish plains and their lochs and rivers brings a metaphorical tear to the eye of onlookers. Blast “The Flower of Scotland” in your headphones while admiring the landscape for the full experience.

Eilean Donan Caslte Scotland Taking the Train in Europe

#3 Groningen to Amsterdam, The Netherlands

On our recent road trip experience, we’ve stopped by Amsterdam, which holds a special place in Agness’ heart for various reasons. Scenic train rides from Groningen to Amsterdam will allow you to see much of the Netherlands at very little expense. And, hopefully, fall in love with it just as much as Agness ☺.

As you may know, the country is famous for its vast tulip fields all throughout the country, as well as the windmills you can see scattered among them. We recommend the month of April for your ride, as that is your best chance to catch the tulips in full bloom.

Amsterdam Netherlands Holland Canals at Night Taking the Train in Europe

#4 Madrid to Oviedo, Spain

When you distract yourself with a book, tablet, smartphone, or whatever – you never stop and stare out the train window. Think of how many small cozy villages and sparkling, winding rivers you’ve missed just because of it!

Luckily, scenic train rides such as the one from the Spanish capital to Asturias will ensure you get your fill of traditional countryside. On the 5-hour trip, you can also take a peek at the Picos de Europa, which seem almost otherworldly in their magnificence.

Madrid Spain Sunset Taking the Train in Europe

#5 The Flåm Railway, Norway

Frankly, Norway has no shortage of landscapes to delight your eyes, nor is it lacking in routes for travelers’ enjoyment. The Bergen, Rauma and Flåm railways are all part of this web of memorable tracks.

If you’re feeling up for a longer trip with more sights to see, you can hop on a train from Oslo on the way to Bergen and drop off at Myrdal Station. Here you can take the train through the steep climbs, admire the famous Norwegian fjords, and stop for a bit at the Kjosfossen falls for a rest and some neat pictures.

We recommend sitting on the right-hand side for the best possible view of the scenery, but if you can’t make it, the ride is worth it nonetheless. The Norwegian NRK station even has a minute-by-minute video guide of the trip, so you can decide for yourself!

Aurora Borealis Travel Europe by Train

#6 Cinque Terre, Italy

One of the shorter scenic train rides around here (40 minutes), but one that gives you some great hiking opportunities between the villages of Levanto and La Spezia. The five colorful coastal villages are filled with houses which cling to steep terraces, making for a spectacular rural scenery.

The great news is that after the short train trip you can hike all the way back to the starting point, passing through the five connected  villages on the way. Enjoy the vineyards, olive groves, and of course the vast blue of the Ligurian Sea.

Otherwise, atop the highest of cliffs there is a religious sanctuary corresponding to each of the villages. They journey to each of the retreats used to be a method of atonement due to the difficult, steep climb. Nowadays, the journey is much easier and makes for a perfect hiking trail in late spring or the beginning of autumn (when it’s less hot outside).

Manarola Cinque Terre Italy Travel Europe by Train

#7 Inlandsbanan, Sweden

Pack some snacks and refreshments for the trip, because it’s going to be a long one. This is one of the longest scenic train rides on our list, clocking in at 14 hours, with almost 1300 km to travel. The Scandinavian railway adventure takes you across some of the most beautiful scenery this side of the Arctic Circle.

Keep your eyes peeled for the various elk, moose, and bears hanging out in the dense forests filled with pine, birch and spruce. The train takes a longer stop every so often, so you can check out the various museums or just take the chance to have a meal because Sweden has so much variety to offer.

If you love the wilderness and don’t need the luxury, you truly can’t miss the chance to take the Inlandsbanan route!

First Class Train Travel Europe by Train

All Aboard!

It may seem easier to just hop on a plane and get it over with in an hour or so. But, truth be told, some of the most spectacular views won’t be found at 10 km in the air. Rather, the cheaper, relatively hassle-free train route will make for the most priceless memories.

Been to any of these incredible locations?  Share your experience or highlight your favorite European train experience by sharing your comments below!

Written by Agness and Cez of

Home / Asia / India / Discover India| Epic Guide to 10 Best India Road Trips

Discover India| Epic Guide to 10 Best India Road Trips

Updated: May 5, 2017
By: Borderless Travels Team

India Rickshaw Driving

Yes, it’s almost the time of the year when you should pack your bags and hit the road, but that great North American & European past-time deserves the new hot spot of Asia. Irrespective of how many birthday candles you have blown out, you need to discover your next Asian road trip adventure.

India and a great road trip across Thailand offer what we hope will show you new world with impressively beautiful routes or destinations that will help you discover Asia in a new light

1. Driving from Mumbai To Goa India

Yes, its legendary ‘Dil Chahta Hain’ route! Fun, frolic and feni! Whenever holiday plans are tossed around, it is hard to resist the charm of this route. Driving on National Highway 48 is a pleasurable experience with several food joints to satiate your taste buds en route before you reach the party state of India— Goa.

Approximate Distance: 607.9 kms (via NH 48)
Estimated Drive Time: 10 hours and 34 minutes

2. Driving from Jaipur to Ranthambore India

Indian Bearded Man

Presenting a perfect mélange of mustard fields and vast open spaces, the highway that takes you from Jaipur to Ranthambore is as picturesque as you wish it to be. Start your journey early in the morning from Jaipur and head over to State Highway 24 which proceeds through various villages, like Lalot, Bassi, etc. Consider yourself lucky, if you spot a tiger in Ranthambore wildlife reserve!

Approximate Distance:  180 kms
Estimated Drive Time:  2 hours and 47 minutes via SH 24

4. Driving from Bengaluru to Nandi Hills India

Fall head over heels in love with the beauty of this beautiful road trip that takes you to Nandi Hills from Bengaluru! Once you reach Nandi Hills, be ready to get the warm welcome from various rare species of birds and plants. Even if you are not a history lover, plan a visit to a Tipu’s Drop, where Tipu Sultan used to condemn prisoners by throwing them to death.

Approximate Distance: 70 kms via NH7
Estimated Drive Time:1 hour and 45 min

5. Driving from Chennai to Munnar India

If the scorching heat of Chennai is bothering you, it’s time to travel to Munnar to enjoy the pleasant weather out there. Once you reach the destination, either unveil your adventure side by indulging in activities like paragliding, rock climbing, etc., or spend time in learning tea-making process. Spending some quality time in the lap of nature is also a nice idea!

Approximate Distance: 586 kms
Estimated Drive Time: 10 hours and 39 mins

6. Driving from Delhi to Agra India

Thanks to Yamuna Expressway, Taj Mahal has come closer to the national capital. In fact, so close that Delhiites can plan their quick weekend getaway to Taj Mahal—the seventh world of the wonder—without complaining about an exhaustive journey through jam-packed roads. After Taj Mahal, it’s time to visit Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. Get lost on an incredible Agra adventure or enjoy a wonderful Agra tour before adding Jaipur to your list and making it a Golden Triangle! The rich heritage of the city combined with its hospitality reflects the beautiful culture that is so typical of Jaipur. After sightseeing, it is the time to visit Chokhi Dhani, which is an ethnic village offering all types of entertainment options like dance, music, food, etc.; in royal styles.

Approximate Distance: 232.7 kms via Taj Express Highway/Yamuna Expy
Estimated Drive Time: 3 hours and 35 minutes

Taj Mahal from the Arga Fort India

Taj Mahal from the Arga Fort India

6. Driving from Puri to Konark India

Don’t make a mistake of considering this as just any other route. In fact, what it offers is every traveller’s dream. The Puri-Konark highway is one of those fabulous roads to do photography which when you start will compel you to drain the entire battery of your camera. The canopy formed by trees on both sides of the road, the cool breeze and the tranquil beauty will enthrall, now and forever! Famous for the Sun Temple, Konark witnesses the presence of artists, dancers, and musicians throughout the year. Don’t miss Chilka Lake in Konark which is also the second largest lagoon in the world.

Approximate Distance: 35.5 kms
Estimated Drive Time: 49 minutes

7. Driving from Dehradun to Nainital India

A car trip from Dehradun to Nainital is filled with all the scenic beauty, including hills and great weather, making some perfect shots for photography. You can enjoy the delectable taste of cuisines at Chandni Chowk— not the busy area of Delhi but a quiet restaurant on the Mall Road of Nainital. For an adventurous soul like you, there are options like rock climbing, trekking, etc.

Approximate Distance: 285.2 kms
Estimated Time: 7 hours and 26 minutes

Nandi Hills Deccan Plateau Karnataka, India

Nandi Hills Deccan Plateau Karnataka, India

8. Driving from Manali to Leh India

This long stretch that sees visitors only a few months in a year, will test you, scare you and mesmerize you. The experience of riding through tough terrains in your car is something which you will always cherish in your life. With the snow-capped mountains smiling at you and distant valleys welcoming you with their open arms, you will be amazed to see the exotic beauty of Mother Nature.

If you have a travel partner who also knows driving, you can cover the distance between Manali and Leh in one day, otherwise, it is advised to have a stopover at Sarchu before recommencing your journey.

Approximate Distance: 474 kms
Estimated Drive Time: +24 hours

9. Driving from Kalimpong (West Bengal) to Zuluk (Sikkim) India

If you are a daredevil traveller, the trip from Kalimpong to Zuluk is an apt choice for you. Over the last few years, the hilly terrain of Zuluk has risen in popularity as a picturesque tourist spot due to its 32 wild hairpins and bends. The pristine clear view of Kanchenjunga makes the trip memorable.  West Sikkim is also home to the Himalayan Mountaineering Institutes Mountaineering Base Camp.

Approximate Distance: 87.2 kms
Estimated Drive Time: 3 hours 14 minutes

Landscape Gangtok Sikkim, India

Landscape Gangtok Sikkim, India

10. Driving from Assam India to Thailand

Undoubtedly, it is an incredible road trip passing through some of the lovely mountains and valleys in the northeast region, taking travellers to Thailand, all the way from Assam! During your trip, you will pass through stunning Assam, Megalya and Manipur before reaching Myanmar and finally, Thailand.

You can spend a day at Myanmar which is widely appreciated for its exotic cuisines, breathtaking views, and Bagan— the place which is known for its superb architectural splendor. The sunset view of Bagan is something which you should not miss.

Approximate Distance: 2,146.1 kms via Ah Myan Lan
Estimated Time: 43 hours

Logistics: Know how for a successful India road trip

A road trip doesn’t mean impulsive travelling. A lot of preparation needs to be done before heading out. So, let’s start:

Choose your vehicle wisely: Indian roads are always ready to surprise you. You will experience some extreme road conditions and landscapes across its length and breadth. So, don’t underestimate the power of potholes as they can disrupt even the journey of an SUV. Be careful while choosing your vehicle.

Take it easy: A road trip doesn’t mean a long stretch without a halt. Spare a few days to make proper stops at places that interest you. Remember, it is a vacation, and not any exercise regime that you have to complete.

Tuk Tuk Agra India

Tuk Tuk Agra India

Have a Travel Companion: Long drives aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, so if feasible, travel with a person who has good driving skills. Also, if you’re driving with four people, make timely rotation of seats.

Carry essential items: For a smooth journey, carry some basic road trip essentials that you can buy for almost nothing!

  • Flash light
  • First Aid kit
  • GPS/Navigation System
  • Toolbox

Getting your vehicle repaired: Get your car isn’t a rental and your traveling with a friend or buying it make sure it’s repaired and properly functioning before taking a trip. At the service station, inform people about your plans of long drives so that they can do a proper check of your vehicle. Also, while you are on a road, hit a repair centre at the first sign of a trouble. Don’t take any risk on unknown terrains.

Carry cash: Seems simple but is essential because while driving you’ll come across a lot of toll and police check posts. Make sure to carry enough cash to pay toll taxes. Here, change comes handy. As for police check posts, you might be subjected to a lot of checking as your vehicle bears other state’s registration number. Make sure you have all the valid car papers, including driving license, registration paper, car insurance, etc.; to avoid hassles.

Do advance hotel bookings: To avoid any last-minute fiascos, make your hotel bookings much in advance. It will help you get some good rates as well.

Essentials: Two must have insurance policies for a safe and smooth journey

Car Insurance

Never ever start your road trip without having a comprehensive motor insurance for your vehicle. When you are on a road, accidents can happen not because of your carelessness, but because of the fault of the other driver. The reason is simple—You can have a control over you and your vehicle but you can’t control the other person! So, it is best to have a comprehensive car insurance policy which will come handy in case of any accident or loss or damage to your vehicle. For instance, if you meet with an accident, contact your car insurer in India who will come to your rescue and help you recoup all losses or damages.

If a damage happens to another vehicle due to your fault, the insurer will cover third-party liability as well. You can also add roadside assistance cover to your main car insurance policy and enjoy assistance during mishaps, like flat tyre, mechanical breakdown, dead battery, no fuel, etc. Some insurers also arrange for alternative accommodation if the vehicle repairing time is over 12 hours and the breakdown/accident spot is more than 100 kms from the address as stated in the policy document.

Nandi Hills Forest India

Nandi Hills Forest India

Imagine, you are on a Delhi-Agra highway or driving through the Nandi Hills Forest when mechanical failures halt your journey or the fuel tank of your car goes below the reserve point and there is no petrol pump nearby. What will you do—make SOS calls to friends or spend the night on a road? Both the situations are less than ideal.

However, if you had purchased a roadside cover, your one call to the insurer would have helped you. For instance, in case of a flat tyre, the insurer will send a mechanic to replace the flat tyre and in case your vehicle runs out of fuel, the insurer delivers emergency fuel to the breakdown/accident location.

Travel Insurance

Some audacious people also include foreign locations in their road trip itinerary and make only a half of their journey by road and the rest by air. In such a case, it is necessary to buy a travel insurance before embarking on a journey. Though you are on a vacation, accidents and emergency situations aren’t! So, buy a comprehensive travel insurance policy which will come handy in case of situations like a personal accident, losing your passport, a personal liability, etc.

Get Set, Go

Now that you know where to find some of the worlds most epic road trips it’s time to plan your next visit to India and discover your next epic life experience!

Home / Travel Talk / Contributors / 6 Out of the Ordinary Travel Spots for Adventure-Seekers

6 Out of the Ordinary Travel Spots for Adventure-Seekers

Updated: March 20, 2017
By: Borderless Travels Team

Written by Agness and Cez





Hey, everyone! Agness and Cez of here. As travelers, we all understand getting sick of the usual locations and wanting something different for a change. Well, if you want to go off the beaten path for a while and try something new and exciting – this is a great place to start and these six locations will have something novel for everyone but the most seasoned travelers. Enjoy!

#1 Mexico

Like many other Latin-American countries, Mexico has a problem with drug cartels running rampant. Fortunately, you should be safe if you avoid the border areas of Mexico where such crime is more present. Another frequent problem you need to be wary of is car-jacking. Though, if you’re just headed on holiday you probably won’t bring your car with you unless you’re from the U.S. Still, none of those should deter you from visiting this culturally rich country. Mexico City, Mérida, Todos Santos, and similar places are great and safe options – if you don’t like the extra adrenaline on your trip.

If you just want a resort city to relax in, Huatulco and Playa del Carmen are awesome recommendations. You can catch some crystal-clear water and fun snorkeling sessions around there.


Mexico Pyramid


#2 Tanzania

When it comes to African countries, Tanzania is one of the safest alternatives out there. When you compare it to countries like Sudan or Kenya, this one really keeps in line. In any case, you might hear about poor Tanzanians making up stories to get money from unsuspecting tourists.

Surprisingly, the scammers are actually courteous and their stories usually involve wanting to go to school. Some of those may actually be true, but most of the time it’s just for the quick cash.

One word, though: safaris! Nothing is better than roaming the wild plains of Africa. Looking at both gentle and ferocious wildlife living out their existence can be pretty calming. And nerve-wracking – for some!


Elephants in Tanzania


#3 North Korea

No, you will not be arrested for looking at someone the wrong way in North Korea. Despite what you may be hearing from the media, your only worry here is that you won’t be able to visit anything without your tour guide. Other than that, you’re free to enjoy your North Korea tours as much as you want. And yes, you are allowed to take your camera, laptop and smartphone with you, take photos, and intensely immerse in the culture through your guides.

If you have the patience to abide by the rules of the country, you can find a country of immense beauty where the locals strive to show you the best they have.

Whether it’s just for show, or not, is entirely up to you to decide. Just make sure that decision is yours, and are not letting news outlets think for you. Visit the place like we did, instead! From what we experienced, nothing was faked for us. They just showed us the best aspects of their lives, which for some prejudiced people may look fake.

Agness of in North Korea


#4 Russia

Russia is a massive country. It covers one eighth of the entire planet! As such, you will find an assortment of places – and cultures – to visit here. The country basically warrants four or five visits if you want to get a glimpse of the full Russian experience.

If you visit the major cities such as Moscow or St. Petersburg, you don’t need to throw caution to the wind. Then again, you can’t do that in Los Angeles or New York, either. Just be careful as you would be anywhere else and you should be fine.

Want something more extreme? Visit Yakutsk in the Sakha Republic, where winter temperatures can reach −34 °C on average. It’s really a “cool” place to be. But seriously, the Yakuts are quite interesting. If you’re one of those travelers who prefers meeting people over seeing places, Yakutsk should make it to your list.


Russian Orthodox Church


#5 Vietnam

Ah, Vietnam. The thing about this wonderful country is that people really tend to respect their customs and traditions. Now, this may be good or bad depending on the situation. Agness says she could write a 100-page book of all the blunders she made while we were there.

In fact, here’s a great list of do’s and don’ts while you’re in Vietnam. It’s quite the lifesaver, really. Other than that, the Vietnamese are an easy-going people.

What you’ll notice is that they take their time with everything. This shouldn’t be an invitation to lose your temper, however, as it’s considered extremely rude to them. Take the time to live life at a slower pace. We go too fast sometimes, anyway.




#6 Greenland

What better place to get your dose of adventure than near the Arctic Circle? Accessible only through Denmark or Iceland – this land inhabited by Greenland Inuit people will give you both the metaphorical and literal chills. Greenland is considered a great place to witness the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in their entire splendor.

Plus, if you come here during the six (!) months of winter, you’ll have the chance to go dog sledding. As well as go on ski trips. In fact, there are no roads in between settlements in Greenland, so those are basically your only options if you don’t want to stay in one location during your Arctic trip.

On the other hand, the best feeling is being allowed to hike wherever you want. To people who are used to following rules about hiking this land is a godsend. Just be careful to bring someone experienced along for the trip if you intend to go far away from civilization!

No matter where you travel, it’s a good decision to bring your common sense along for the trip. Yes, you should do your research before visiting any of these places. But there’s only so much information you can digest about a place without having lived there. As such, if your gut tells you that something doesn’t feel right just don’t do it. Your health is much more important than a few fleeting kicks. Think of it this way. If you avoid drawing attention to yourself now, you avoid a few crafty pickpockets. Not to mention getting to visit every place we’ve listed for you today!

P.S. – We can’t stress this enough, try blending in with the locals wherever you go. Flashing the obvious “tourist” signs only invites trouble your way.

Home / Travel Talk / Discover Jamaica beyond the beach

Discover Jamaica beyond the beach

Updated: March 24, 2016
By: Borderless Travels Team
Jamaican Beach

Jamaican Beach

Close your eyes. Listen. Breathe.  Be present as you inhale the aromatic and intoxicating rainforest air, feel it’s presence around your body, know that you are in the here and now.  Far from the exhilarating sensations and frenzy of Kingston, you are now walking in the footsteps of the Tainos and Maroons, Jamaica’s former enslaved people. High in the mountains you explore their network of trails, settlement and hiding places along the Nanny Town Heritage Route located in Jamaica’s rugged forest mountain region.  Feel the spiritual connection to the mountains as you listen to its wildlife and observe the rainforest’s rich biodiversity.  This is Jamaica.

For many, Jamaica is more synonymous with beaches, reggae, and herbal remedies.  Yet, for those who can take the time to really explore one of the most visited Caribbean islands, Jamaica offers some unrivaled experiences.

With millions of visitors each year there is no shortage of places to stay, and a quick internet search will yield everything from all-inclusive resorts and backpacker lounges to apartments and houses for rent in Jamaica an easy way for anyone to customize a Jamaican trip.

Of course, once you’ve found where you’re staying you’ll want start exploring so that when you go home you’ll understand why Jamaica is a place that boasts, “once you go you know”.  With this quick guide you’ll discover the highlights beyond Jamaica’s spectacular beaches.

Connect with Nature in Jamaica’s Blue and John Crow Mountain Ranges

The only UNESCO world heritage site in Jamaica is a National Park that is designated as being one of the world’s most irreplaceable protected areas for its biodiversity.  Blue Mountain and John Crow Mountains are also significant because of the cultural heritage that they preserve.  Most of this history is important to the countries heritage route because it recognizes the traditions and fight of the Maroon people of Jamaica, who used the mountains for refuge from its colonizers.  When you visit you’ll get to explore the natural wonders of Jamaica as well as its most important cultural heritage.

Visit Bob Marley & pay homage to Jamaica’s most Iconic Musician

A trip to Jamaica would not be complete without a visit to the early home and resting place of musical legend Bob Marley.  Winding along the dry rural roads of St. Anne as the contrasting green jungle wisps by outside your window is Nine Mile, where the mausoleum of Bob Marley sits among the dusty streets of his village just over an hour drive from the Jamaican capital.  If you’re a Bob Marley fan, want to learn about the cultural heritage of a musical great, or feel like chatting it up with a Rastafarian guide then this is a must for anyone visiting this region.

Explore Jamaica’s Waterfalls

If you’re off to see Bob Marley, then you’ll want to make the jaunt over to Dunn’s River Falls so make sure you bring your microfiber beach towel.  The 600 ft waterfall of chiseled steps is a natural landmark is worth exploring, and a great way to cool down after adventuring across the Jamaican countryside.  While you’re there, don’t forget to spend some time in its natural Jacuzzi’s.  It’s only a short drive from Nine Mile and after your visit you can check out Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Records restaurant.

Jamaican Bobsledding at Mystic Mountain

Rain Forest Bobsled Jamaica sounds about as likely as reliving the classic 90’s throwback film Cool Runnings, but it’s close enough.  High in the treetops of Ocho Rios you can you can relive the adventures of Sanka, Derice, Junior, and Yul, enjoy a great view from their sky explorer chairlift, cool off on the water slide and push your comfort zone on a canopy zipline.  It’s just fun for a silly day with a loved one or the whole family.

These few highlights will take you beyond the classic tourist eats, drinks, and beaches that you’re sure to enjoy on your visit to Jamaica.  In the end, you will want to be able to say that you paid homage to musical great Bob Marley, connected with nature in Blue and John Crow mountains (Jamaica’s National Park and a recognized UNESCO world heritage site), checked out Jamaica’s most famous waterfall, tried bobsledding, and then sat beachside with a cocktail in hand and enjoyed the sounds of the sea.

Before you go, don’t forget to be prepared before you go and like every good adventure The Gear Hunt will help you find the perfect footwear.

Home / Travel Talk / Outdoor Recreation & Weather Data: Protect Your Patrons & Employees

Outdoor Recreation & Weather Data: Protect Your Patrons & Employees

Updated: March 4, 2016
By: Borderless Travels Team
Canadian Winter

Beautiful pic of Canadian winter on the way to Ottawa from Toronto

Earth Networks has your business’ back when it comes to severe weather forecasts. With two decades of experience, the company boasts the world’s only collection of environmental networks that monitor lightning, greenhouse gas, and weather across six continents.

Keeping Your Facility, Workers, and Patrons Protected

Outdoor safety is so important to facilities managers. Earth Networks understands this and provides an extensive host of severe weather intelligence products and services to ensure that your resort, park, country club, or other facility always operates smoothly, even during inclement weather. Some of the ways Earth Networks helps is to:

  • Protect and inform your employees and patrons about severe weather alerts
  • Automatically clear outdoor areas when lightning approaches
  • Monitor environmental factors that can impact grounds keeping activities

Earth Networks Has Your Business’ Back

Earth Networks’ Outdoor Alerting System services outdoor facilities all over the world, offering them mitigated risks, standardized alerts, and help managing their outdoor activities. It is especially useful for those areas that are prone to severe weather as it includes a lightning monitoring system.

With more than 12,000 hyper-local weather stations all over the globe, Earth Networks’ products and services track and analyze more than 25 key atmospheric conditions. You can plan and know what is coming so you can keep your facility safe from the impacts of severe weather.

Earth Networks’ expert meteorologists are on call around the clock to provide breaking details on changing weather patterns to keep you in the know.

The outdoor safety services include outdoor alerting systems, weather station sensors, meteorological services, and SFERIC maps, which offer collaborative web-based weather visualization and alerting tools right on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Trust in Earth Networks to keep your facility safe and up and running, even during the worst weather conditions.

Thank you to Earth Networks for working with Borderless Travels to promote their services

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Best of Asia| Living your golf dream in Thailand or Vietnam

Updated: July 5, 2014
By: Borderless Travels Team


Most golfers have a desire list written down or imagined of some spots they’d like to play. A portion of the fantasy courses are venues that they have seen the stars play on TV. Others have showed up in distributed round-ups. Be that it might be numerous favours Thailand and Vietnam to have best golf experience. Lets see why they are among the best.

Best of Thailand Golf Courses

Destination differences and the inconceivable decision of golf courses all through the nation are key variables drawing in the huge quantities of guests coming to play the best of Thailand golf courses.

From the shoreline resorts in the south, for example, Phuket, to the rugged surroundings in the north, or the clamoring urban areas of Bangkok and Pattaya, there are fairways to suit each inclination. All are situated in exceedingly open ranges with quick and advantageous entry exchanges conceivable inside a few hours’ travel time.

With advanced facilities, globally planned golf courses, and a magnificent infrastructure, the accessibility of golf has grown altogether in Thailand. Taking after a brief moderate down after the financial emergency in 1997, the improvement of new title standard golf courses in Thailand proceeds at an incredible rate. To date there more than 225 courses situated all through the nation. This number is relied upon to develop to 275 as new courses presently under development go ahead stream. This new venture being made in the playing golf segment in Thailand will encourage upgrade the facilities and courses accessible to guests.

Best of Vietnam Golf Courses

Vietnam is truly world’s exceptional golf destinations and was named as the 2016 “Unfamiliar Golf Place of the Decade”. With its captivating history, old society, radiant atmosphere, and now its offering incredible title intended for the golfer which encourage and provide healthy competition. Vietnam is the ‘following Thailand’ with regards to Asian golf visits.

There are 45 golf courses in Vietnam , with another 75 ventures at some phase of advancement, arranging, and development. Among the current golf courses, the waterfront regions around Dnang and Nhe Trang gloat the nationís best. Specifically, the St. Norman planned Dnang Golf Club has won various recompenses and another Norman course, The Pluffs at Trem Strip, is viewed as place to play on the planet.

Moreover, there are various 16 courses in Saigoan, for example, Landmark Golf and Mahindra Club, Long Club and Play We Club and Queenís land Golf Club, Sea Front Golf Temple, and MI King Star Golf and Hanoi Golf in Hanoi. Among the 14-gap champions are the selective Van Dan Club and Join Doves Golf Club in Dnang and Saigoan, separately.
Having vast options to enjoy golf and at reasonable costs, Vietnam is truly becoming home for worldwide golf scene.

If you are genuine enthusiast of playing golfs with intriguing encompassing and delightful climate, these are two spots one must visit. It’s dependent upon you to choose which place you need to explore first.

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Featured writer| 5 incredible activities you shouldn’t miss in Antarctica!

Updated: July 22, 2013
By: Borderless Travels Team
Swimming in Antarctica

Swimming in Antarctica

First up let me introduce myself and my blog. I’m Jonny Blair, travel writer and editor at Don’t Stop Living and I’m delighted to be writing for Ian’s site Borderless Travels. I love Ian’s outlook on life and the fact that he really travels. He has been to some totally off the wall places like Mongolia and Kazahkstan. I like to get out to similar places off the beaten track – so I thought I’d write about Antarctica today for his blog Borderless Travels. It was my favourite bit of travelling in life so far and I’ve picked out a realistic 5 cool things to do in Antarctica, yes even on a low budget you can do these five…

These are my top 5 cool things to do in Antarctica (yes – deliberate pun – it’s cold there!)

Friends in Antarctica

Friends in Antarctica

1. Go swimming!

Yes – this is the moment you’ve been waiting for! Lose your fear of cold weather forever by getting down to your bikinis and swimming trunks and heading into the waters for an icy dip. Believe it or not, it’s not even that cold. OK so I froze for a few seconds, but life is all about adventure so why not?! We got to do our “swim” at Whaler’s Bay on Deception Island. Myself and 2 others even did it naked! We were given a free shot of Kahlua and cream straight after it! It’s often classed as the “Polar Plunge” and if you’re in Antarctica, I’d recommend it!

2. Hiking

On your Antarctica you’ll get to do some walking and hill climbing. Not exactly strenuous hikes I must add. However hiking up to the top of Cuverville Island was an absolute highlight of my Antarctica journey! The phenomenal views you get and the fact that you sweat so much, means at the top you can be warm enough to enjoy the views wearing just a t-shirt. You can get back down extra fast by rolling down the snow! You’ll pass by hoardes of penguins on route.

Jonny and group hiking in Antarctica

Jonny and group hiking in Antarctica

3. Snowball Fights

As well as building snowmen on the continent of endless snow, we had a few snowball fights! One on board the ship was certainly exciting as you couldn’t see ANYTHING in behind because we got caught in a crazy blizzard one night! But the best ones were on our first landing on mainland Antarctica. Everyone was throwing snow at each other!

4. Drinking

Just because there are not many bars about doesn’t stop you from drinking. The Vernadsky Ukraine station in Antarctica has its own pub! Plus there are two bars on board the boat which goes down well on Happy Hour. We also took our own cheap beers with us that we bought in Argentina and raised a toast as we drank them on King George Island.

Everyone should go to Antarctica!!

Everyone should go to Antarctica!!

5. Kayaking and Cruising

My trip included kayaking as an additional option. I must admit I didn’t fork out the extra money and do it – but those that did raved about it! As an alternative I went cruising on the Zodiacs a few times, most spectacularly at Foyn Harbour and Elephant Island. Icebergs and wildlife galore. It’s such a breathtaking landscape.

Jonny Kayaking in Antarctica

Jonny Kayaking in Antarctica

If those five aren’t enough there’s also the “big one” for the extremists – visiting the South Pole! My budget didn’t take me there as it comes as a high cost, but if you do want to head to Antarctica on the cheap, check out my tips on it here: How to get a cheap trip to Antarctica.

Live your travel dreams my friends!!


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How technology’s changed trip planning

Updated: May 22, 2013
By: Borderless Travels Team
Photo: William Hook / Flickr / (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Photo: William Hook / Flickr / (CC BY-SA 2.0)

With more online resources than ever, it can be pretty easy to get lost in a sea of open tabs to easyJet/Deutsche Bahn/Eurolines timetables and schedules. Multi-mode search engines now bring everything together on one platform, so you don’t even need to trawl the internet to find decent travel options. GoEuro’s search tool’s been around for the last year or so, and is essentially a bit like those flight comparison websites, but also includes trains and buses in its results, along with flights.

1. Book spontaneously

Planning a trip is no longer the drawn out process it used to be. Technology opens up the possibility to travel totally on a whim. One afternoon you might just get that urge to get out and go somewhere new, so you open up your laptop, check out some last-minute train deals or get in touch with a few drivers on or Blablacar, and boom, you’ve got your travel organized in a matter of minutes.

2. Compare good transport options

With more online resources than ever, it can be pretty easy to get lost in a sea of open tabs to easyJet/Deutsche Bahn/Eurolines timetables and schedules. Multi-mode search engines now bring everything together on one platform, so you don’t even need to trawl the internet to find decent travel options.

3. Stay like a local

If you really want to get under the skin of a city and experience life the way locals do, it’s so easy to connect through online communities. People are more open than ever to sharing their home and hometown with travellers. If you’re after a more personal experience, Couchsurfing’s network is now so huge that you’re guaranteed to find like-minded people and spark up some interesting conversation, while Airbnb places give you that bit more freedom to come and go as you please – and it’s such a treat to be able to whip up a hearty breakfast to set you up for a day’s exploring!

4. Craft an informed itinerary

Planning out exactly what to see and do used to be a whole task in itself – you’d often find yourself ploughing through city guides and then feeling frustrated when you fail to see each and every point of interest listed. Some services like Get Your Guide even offer tailor-made guides, and even just a quick scan of recommendation engines and forums gives you an immediate feeling of whether something is going to be up your street or not. Obviously it’s easy to be deterred by that meager 2 star rating, or swayed by that glowing review, but it gives itinerary planning a lot of direction and helps you get the most out of your trip.

Thanks to writer Evan Thomas for this post!

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Festive Drinks: Top 10 Bars and Restaurants in Newcastle

Updated: December 15, 2012
By: Borderless Travels Team
Christmas pub - photo credit by gluemoon

Christmas pub – photo credit by gluemoon

With the preparations for Christmas in full swing, it’s around now that you will be invited to attend a Christmas get-together with your work colleagues, or planning to arrange a catch up with your friends before the festivities begin in full force.

OK, you could always just go to your local, but why not head somewhere different? Transport links mean that cities all over the UK are easily accessible – why not organise a night away in a buzzing city for your festive drinks? Enjoy the nightlife and the thriving bars and pubs that could play host to your drinking session. Head to the North East and you can find places that you can stay in the heart of the city at affordable prices and enjoy the evening away without worrying about being the designated driver or catching the last train home.

Fishermans Lodge

One of the fine dining restaurant choices that the North East has to offer, the Fisherman’s Lodge offers modern British cuisine with a slight bias towards seafood and fish dishes.

The Cherry Tree

This charming restaurant offers classic dishes with a modern twist. Ranging from meat to vegetarian, there is something to suit everybody’s palette at The Cherry Tree – you could also make use of the Christmas Fayre menu, at £30 a head for a 3-course dinner.

Jesmond Dene House

This 3-rosette restaurant is definitely one for the Christmas parties happy to splash out a little on their festive get-together. Perhaps it would make an excellent thank you gesture for your employees who have worked hard this year?

The Lodge

Popular with people from all walks of life, including students, shoppers, businessmen and footie fans, The Lodge is an ideal place for food and a few drinks if you’re looking for a more relaxed evening.

The Quayside

Situated along the River Tyne and a stone’s throw from the popular nightclub, The Riverside, this Wetherspoons pub is cheap, cheerful and good fun.

Delicious Christmas Guinness pint - photo credit by paumella

Delicious Christmas Guinness pint – photo credit by paumella

The Keel Row

Another part of the Wetherspoons franchise, The Keel Row is situated in The Gate complex so ideally located if you’re planning a bit of a crawl with your friends as part of your festive celebrations.


This traditional style pub that can be found on High Bridge, close to the city centre, boasts the award of being Tyneside’s pub of the year for the last 4 years in a row, so they must be doing something right!

The Cluny

If your group are “different” from the usual partygoers and you’d prefer to avoid the mainstream pubs and clubs, head to The Cluny – a converted warehouse that doubles as an art gallery and live music venue. Super chilled, for a relaxing evening.


A hidden gem that needs to be sought out; Tokyo is an independently run venue that runs over three floors. Oozing character, charm and a unique atmosphere, it’s a perfect choice for a stylish crowd.


Eat, drink and dance in this venue that satisfies all aspects of your planned evening out – food, drink and music – what more could you want in the heart of Quayside?

Start planning your festivities soon and book a night away in the thriving city of Newcastle.

This article was written by Catherine Lavinia