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How to get to Batu Karas, Indonesia

Updated: March 1, 2012
By: Ian Yacobucci

Bamboo bridge from Cijulan to Batu Karas, Indonesia

Wondering how to get to Batu Karas? Ian describes his journey getting to this surf paradise in West Java, Indonesia.

There are several ways to get to Batu Karas so you can take the route that you find most comfortable. For my journey to the seaside of West Java, I took the adventurous route from Jakarta and had a great experience taking the bus, train, and motorcycle.

I departed from Jakarta and, like me; you can take the train directly to Bangdun then get the bus from there to Pangandaran. Once in Pangandaran you can take a scooter or minibus to Cijulan or directly to Batukaras. Your other option is to go to Banjar and connect to Pangandaran from there.

Due to obligations in Jakarta I chose to take the three hour train ride from Jakarta’s Gambir station to Bandung. Trains leave for Bangdun twice a day at 8:30 and 15:50 and only executive or first class are available for 60,000 rupiah or about $7USD. Arriving in Bangdun around 7pm I decided to spend the night and head out in the morning, although there was a night bus available at midnight direct from Bangdun to Batukaras. The bus from Bangdun costs 40,000 rupiah ($4 USD) and takes 7 hours to Pangandaran then from there I took a Obja or scooter to Batu Karas.

Legok Jawa beach just outside of Batu Karas. Photo Credit witewash.fi

If you’re travelling from southern Indonesia or decide to fly getting to Batu Karas from Yogyakarta is easy. From Yogyakarta, you can take the train to either Banjar or Sidareja then hop on a bus down to Pangadaran from there.

For those looking to skip all the inconveniences of connecting multiple modes of transportation minibuses are available directly from Jakarta or Yogyakarta to Batu Karas, but prices start at around 250,000 rupiah ($27 USD) for the 6-9 hour drive. If you want to save money, direct day and night buses go from Jakarta or Yogyakarta but you have to find out what bus station they depart from (there are several in Jakarta) to Pangandaran.

When trying to find the best route try and use customer service representatives that are located at most train and bus stations in major cities. They often speak excellent English and are extremely helpful in locating train or bus times and locations. Some of them will even help you plan your entire trip across the country.

Ian Yacobucci

Traveling the Trans-Siberian, mountaineering the Himalayas, or teaching in Tokyo I'm always trying something new. As a someone who's worked, studied, and traveled to 40+ countries around the world I'm here to share my experiences so you can do the same!

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10 thoughts on “How to get to Batu Karas, Indonesia

  1. Mareta

    Just find your site , when googling about Batu Karas, will plan to go there end of march. I think from your pic , the beach look nice ya still quite and not a lot of rubbish. Still confused now about the easy and fast transportation to go there from Jakarta :(

    1. Ian Yacobucci Post author

      Hi Mareta! Batu Karas is a great place to visit and once you’re there you won’t want to leave. So many of my friends went for two weeks or more :) The transportation is a little complicated but not to bad. If you send me an email I can give you more details of how to get there. There are few different ways to get there. Train, bus, and scooter are the easiest. Transportation isn’t as easy as other countries and can take a while but its not to bad.

      Happy Travels,


  2. Malgosia


    Same as Mareta I found your site while looking for tips how to travel in Indonesia. I am planing to be there end of March as well and while I found many trains connections I am still not sure about connection to Batu Karas and Bromo vulcan.

    btw. I am originally polish and I read your guide to polish vodka..great read! next time try zubrowka with black currant juice:)

    1. Ian Yacobucci Post author

      Hi Malgodisa,

      I had some trouble too because I just showed up…lol There are a bunch of train and bus options, and it certain trains leave from different stations, so I found it hard to coordinate. Here’s an article about how I got to Batu karas. Hope it helps :D http://borderlesstravels.com/asia/republic-of-indonesia/how-to-get-to-batu-karas-indonesia/

      Glad you like my vodka guide :) I love Polish vodka and will definitely have to try the black currant juice next time I find some Zubrowka :D

  3. Alessandra Roqueta

    Hi Ian,
    I am flying into Jakarta next week and then headed to Cimaja to surf. I have two weeks so I was also tinkering with the idea of heading to Batu Karas for a week after Cimaja and then finding my way back to Jakarta to fly out.

    Do you have any tips on transport from Cimaja to Batu Karas?
    Do you think it would be worth it for just a week?


    1. Ian Yacobucci Post author

      Hi Allie!

      How was your trip? Did you make it to Batu Karas? I hope you did. I love the surfing and the people there. Hope you had a great experience regardless. Indo is an amazing place :D

    2. Ian Yacobucci Post author

      Hi Allie,

      I’m not sure what would be the best way to get there. A week in Batu Karas would be great. What did you end up doing?

  4. katja

    Hey Ian,
    Which bus company did you use for the night bus from Bandung to Batukaras? Where can you get tickets? and where does it departs?
    Thanking you in advance!!

    1. Ian Yacobucci Post author

      Hi Katja,

      We actually took a train from Jakarta to Bandung (stayed overnight) then asked around to find a bus from there to Pangadarang. It actually picked us up at a roundabout in the city. From Pangandaran we hired a scooter Batukaras. Hope you enjoy your adventure please feel free to share how your journey went and what transportation route you took :D