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Travel Photo| Kinkaku-ji temple Kyoto, Japan

Updated: April 15, 2013
By: Ian Yacobucci

The absolutely perfect Kinkaku-Ji temple (Golden Pavilion) in Kyoto, Japan

Japanese perfection:

Famous for it’s temples the cultural capital of Japan is Kyoto.  Visiting the Golden Pavilion the Japanese traditions of perfection and beauty makes Kinkaku-ji my favourite temple in Japan.

On a fresh fall day the still waters reflect an almost perfect mirror.  Capturing a photo like this is made easy if you visit this temple.  It’s main viewing point sets you up perfectly for an image like this.

God I love Japan!

Ian Yacobucci

Traveling the Trans-Siberian, mountaineering the Himalayas, or teaching in Tokyo I'm always trying something new. As a someone who's worked, studied, and traveled to 40+ countries around the world I'm here to share my experiences so you can do the same!

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2 thoughts on “Travel Photo| Kinkaku-ji temple Kyoto, Japan

  1. Escape Hunter

    Been there, it was amazing.
    They told me the phoenix bird statue on top is made of solid gold, but later I found out it’s only gold-plated!
    It’s a wonderful temple, anyway…